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Thank you for visiting our website. Lane Keyfli Law, Ltd.P.C. is a small law firm that operates out of the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our firm is multifaceted and accordingly, we practice nearly all aspects of the law.

We are here to help solve the problems you may have by defending and protecting your rights under the United States Constitution and making sure that you receive justice. Because we are a small law firm, we have close relationships with each and every one of our clients and unlike many firms, you are not “just a case number.” We have been praised by our clients for our hard word and dedication on their cases, while at the same time keeping them current with all matters and “in the loop” – a sentiment not echoed at most law firms.

We will work day and night to ensure that we provide you and/or your loved ones with the best representation possible. If you are in need of legal assistance, please contact us immediately, so we can start working hard to serve your needs.

– Lane Keyfli Law, Ltd.P.C.

11112Ms. Lane was born in Turkey (Old Antioch) and raised as a Guest Worker’s child in Bavaria- Germany. She gradated from Friedlinch-List Schule in Ulm Germany with a degree in business. Shortly after completing her business degree, Ms. Lane attended Foreign Language school and is fluent is German, Turkish, and English.

After making the decision to come to the United States, Ms. Lane attended Texas State University and graduated… Continue Reading


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We also have various attorneys affiliated with our firm, considered to be “of counsel.” Please navigate to our “Professionals” menu bar to read more about other attorneys part of our extraordinary team.