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Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer

We have represented numerous individuals in cases that are sex-related, drug-related armed robbery, and more. Regardless of what you or your loved one has been charged with or arrested for, you must act fast to ensure that your rights are protected. We defend and protect the Constitution and ensure that justice is served. Contact us today so we can get started on your case immediately.

Illinois State Charges

  • Our office can handle your criminal-related matters, including but not limited to: Possession and Distribution of Controlled Substances, Murder, Robbery, Assault and Battery, Sex Charges, Gun Possession, Theft, Forgery, Domestic Violence, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Violations of Probation, DUI/DWI, Solicitation, Prostitution, Bond and Preliminary Hearings.

Federal Charges

  • Our office can help you with the following federal  offenses: Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Hobb’s Act Extortion, Possession and Delivery of Controlled Substances, Conspiracy and RICO Violations, Bank Robbery, Tax Offenses, Immigration and Unlawful Re-entry, Public Corruption and Embezzlement, Money Laundering, Software and Copyright Piracy, Internet Solicitation, Pornography Possession and Distribution and Supervised Release Violations.


  • Unfortunately, our justice system has its shortcomings. If your criminal case needs to be appealed to a higher court, we can fight to ensure that all rules and procedures in the law were followed, and that you or your loved one received the due process they are entitled to.

Expunging and Sealing Criminal Records

  • Subject to the requirements and restrictions under Illinois law, we are able to seal and expunge your record so that you can move-on with your life.

Civil Rights

  • Not all police and law enforcement officers care about the constitution as much as we do. If you or a love one has been abused, falsely arrested, or harassed by the police, we can advise you of any legal remedy you may have.


  • Since our office is seasoned in immigration law, we can help you make the best decision that will have the least adverse effects on your immigration status in this country.